FlyingIron Simulations Release Spitfire Mk IX for X-Plane 11

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Supermarine Spitfire is the most produced British aircraft to exist, and one of the most produced aircraft in the world. Famed for its use in World War II, more than twenty-thousand were made, and around sixty continue flying today.

FlyingIron Simulations have developed the Spitfire Mk IX, the most popular model, for X-Plane 11. A list of its features can be found below, which includes four variants.

  1. Spitfire LF Mk IX (Merlin 66)
  2. Spitfire LF Mk IX with clipped wings (Merlin 66)
  3. Spitfire HF Mk IX (Merlin 70)
  4. Spitfire HF Mk IX with clipped wings (Merlin 70)

Art & Sound

  • Ultra-realistic 3D Cockpit Model that is used for SimPit recreations of the Spitfire (provided by Heritage Flight Simulations)
  • Incredibly detailed modelling & texturing, both in and out of the cockpit
  • FMOD Sound Design with 50+ Custom Sounds
  • Dynamic multi-sounds to increase immersion & avoid repetition
  • 10 Liveries included
  • Animated 3D Pilot

Flight Model

  • Highly detailed & realistic simulation of the Spitfire Mk IX, performance matched to be within a few % of real-world data in all aspects of flight
  • Custom simulation of the differential braking system & ground handling
  • Tested by a team of real-world pilots to ensure accuracy & realism
  • Simulation of unique Spitfire quirks, such as the need for nose-down trim on take-off and many, many more.
  • Realistic spin & stall behavior for aerobatic flying

Complex Engine Simulation

  • Code-enhanced simulation of both the Merlin 66 & Merlin 70 engines, with the ability to switch between the two in-cockpit
  • Complete custom simulation of the 2-stage supercharger of the Merlin engines
  • Realistic operating limits, enforced by dynamic failures

Systems Modelling

  • Complete fuel systems simulation
  • Realistic navigation systems simulation
  • Emergency systems modeled
  • Simulation of the original preset-radio system, as well as an optional cockpit-integrated modern radio system
  • Complete oxygen systems modelling
  • External Tank systems realistically modeled

Particle FX

  • Engine exhaust flash/flame FX
  • Engine over-prime flameout FX
  • Heat-Blur FX
  • Dynamic Smoke FX
  • Ultra-realistic canopy rain FX (powered by Skiselkov’s Rain Library)


  • GUI Panel is VR-ready & integrated into the cockpit for maximum immersion (optional – can be hidden)
  • Ability to switch between engine types, toggle ground elements and optional cockpit elements.
  • Autopilot feature for long-distance flights

Extra Features

  • Static Elements modeled (Chocks, Tie-downs & GPU)
  • Functional & adjustable RAF Reflector Gunsight (optional)
  • Optional cockpit-integrated 3D GPS (Garmin 530)
  • Functional weapons & controls (Guns & Bombs)
  • Optional landing light

Previous news articles covered the development here, and beta testing applications here.

The aircraft is available for purchase at for $34.95.

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