FlyingIron Simulations Releases the Spitfire for MSFS

March 5, 2021

After being in beta for the last couple of weeks, FlyingIron Simulations has taken to their website and the Microsoft Flight Simulator forums to announce the release of their Spitfire L.F Mk IXc for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

“Designed by Supermarine to be a short-range, high-performance interceptor, the Spitfire is most famous for it's pivotal role in World War II & The Battle of Britain where it was a key weapon against Axis forces.”

FlyingIron’s rendition of the Spitfire contains multiple exciting features to bring the iconic aircraft into life in the simulator. This includes a “Professional Wwise Sound Design by an experienced Sound Engineer,” an “Extensively researched, detailed and realistic Flight Model,” "Realistic Start-up Procedures, Failures and Flight Systems," and more. You can view the summarized feature list below.

Summarized Feature List:

  • Extensively researched, detailed and realistic Flight Model
  • Professional Wwise Sound Design by an experienced Sound Engineer 
  • Realistic Start-up Procedures, Failures and Flight Systems
  • Multiple Variants "(both the Spitfire Mk IXc , as well as the unique clipped wing variant of the airframe, infamous for its unique look, significantly improved roll rate and slight speed increase.)"
  • 3D Cockpit Model built from Heritage Flight Simulations incredibly detailed CAD Model

The Spitfire is available for purchase via the developer’s store for AUD 35. It was also confirmed that it will be coming to the Microsoft store “within a few weeks.”

You can view the full feature list and additional screenshots via the aircraft’s product page.

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