FlyJSim Publish Second Quarterly Update, with Details on Shared Flight & All Aircraft

Alex John
Monday, July 1, 2019

The X-Plane addon developer FlyJSim has pushed out their second quarterly update for 2019. In a lengthy note on Facebook, the developer went over all active areas of development, which includes all of their products.

Shared Flight

In mid-May, FlyJSim announced Shared Flight, a next-generation shared cockpit tool. For full details of Shared Flight, see this article here.

In today's update, FlyJSim answered more questions about the product:

  • "Training is part of the core ethos of this plugin. We really want simmers to get used to the idea of proper crew resource management, as well as using Shared Flight as a tool to enhance your own simming experience. If you feel like you have a product or service that could greatly benefit from this, contact for further information
  • "Thank you for all those who have signed up on our notification form on our website. Beta testing has not yet commenced whilst we work on a few items on our development schedule. The best way to get involved is to either :
    i) Use the notification form on
    ii) Join our company discord
  • "Some people have voiced concerns about pricing. Rest assured, we want to deliver a product and price that is both economical, and a significant resource to your current flight-simulation demands. More information at a later date.
  • "This product is not only limited to FlyJSim products! Yes, we are excited by the prospect of having a 3-manned crew on our glorious FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3. But we are opening this up to other products, and we’ve already had productive talks with other developers. By far the aircraft with the most overwhelming support request is the Zibo 737-800, and we can confirm that it will be a part of the initial support line-up.
  • "Shared Flight does have terrain synchronization, and doesn’t necessarily need the same scenery height requirements. That doesn’t mean we recommend building a red-bull ramp at the end of your runways, but Shared Flight will reasonably handle different sceneries."

Further details regarding Shared Flight is to follow in the coming months, including demonstrations and beta testing.

727 & 732

An update to FlyJSim's flagship aircraft can be expected soon, with details of what is to be included in a "Quality of Life" update.

Firstly, Librain is to come to their jetliners. The developer said it looks "absolutely stunning" when coupled with xEnviro 1.10.

Not only this, but Avitab is also making an appearance. Developed by Folko, the EFB allows access to Navigraph charts, airport information, weather, notes page and more.

In addition, FlyJSim will update Avitab as Folko updates Avitab.

FlyJSim will also be porting the TCAS VSI from their 727 into their 732.

The instrument displays both traffic and vertical speed information simultaneously, and "is a common retrofit amongst older aircraft."

Finally, the GPWS sound bug that prevented some final callouts from sounding has been fixed.


Not too long ago, FlyJSim announced that development around the exterior artwork of their upcoming Q4XP was completed. Work on cockpit texturing is now a current task, which will also see the cabin begin to shape up.

No further information was provided, other than a bulk of screenshots showcasing each livery that has been painted.

You can view all of them here, but a couple can be seen below.

Additionally, FlyJSim placed emphasis on these two liveries:

Q400 Legacy (Formerly Q400 V2)

This is FlyJSim's first aircraft released back in 2011, and is not to be confused with the Q4XP, which is a complete re-make of this aircraft.

The developer wants to phase out the old name and use Q400 Legacy instead, to stop people from naming the Q4XP the Q400 V2.

"We want to emphasize the fact that the Q4XP is a brand new product, and has zero affiliation with the old product."

In closing, FlyJSim said they'd be back for the third update, and will provide release date information when they are ready.

FlyJSim is available to follow in numerous ways:





Their official website can be found here too.

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