FlyJSim releases the 727 V3 Pro

Peter Tram
August 10, 2018

Originally slated for a Friday release, FlyJSim has suprised us all with their highly anticipated 727 V3 being released earlier that expected. As covered previously, V3 Pro comes with all of the goodies seen in their previous flagship product (the 737-200) sans passenger cabin modelling - So users can expect stunning visuals, with brand new textures adopting X-Plane 11's PBR.

Like the 737, new FJS sound developer Daniela Careri has also produced ear-candy FMOD sounds for the 727. Users can experience satisfying and realistic screech of the JT8D engines at full power, and hear every click and switch in the cockpit.

V3 also embraces other X-Plane 11 features; full compatibility with VR, and a redesigned menu with scalable graphics to suit different screen resolutions - for those who loves their retina displays, and high pixel density screens this is a major win!

Marketed as a study-level product but approachable for the casual simmer, the 727 was developed in collaboration with real 727 pilots for inputs on the aircraft's behaviour and systems; all three variants of the JT8D engine with individual performance tuned across the full flight envelope. Custom coding drives control surfaces, hydraulic pressures, blow-down effects and standby control surface modes in the event of failures.

What's most exciting about the new version is a newly developed Maintanance System, that brings persistent maintanance and failures - this means the plane will progressively wear down with every flight, much akin to PMDG's Global Flight Operations mechanism.

Full feature list for Systems:

Designed with input and testing by former 727-200 pilots and mechanics.


The product page on the FlyJSim website features the full feature list. The product costs $60, and purchasable in the .org store.

Existing owners of the 727 may upgrade to the new V3 Pro at half the price, make sure to double check under your "FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V2" order. Then apply the code to your final purchase for version 3.