FlyJSim Provides an Array of Previews for Q4XP

September 4, 2021

Beloved developer for X-Plane FlyJSim, has released more videos teasing their Q400 for X-Plane 11 - showcasing many neat and intriguing features that are included into their plane, furthermore providing a release “window” of sorts.

Among speculation that the aircraft is slated for a release in October as FlyJSim came to instagram stating “It's *spooky* how much we enjoy testing this aircraft as we near release”, Spooky leading community members to conspire being related to October 31st (which is Halloween).

FlyJSim began the development of their Q4XP back in December 2018, now in the final stages of development and testing, the key features so far known are high-quality modelling and texturing, fully custom-coded avionics and systems including a fully custom UNS-1Ew FMC, interactive cabin and tablet, there are many more features that are still not disclosed.

More details can be found in FlyJSim’s discord, Twitter, or their Instagram.

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