VSKYLABS Updates Falke Project to V3

October 25, 2021

VSkyLabs has recently pushed a major update to their SF-25C Falke project, improving the add-on in various different aspects and providing users with a better representation of the aircraft and its flight dynamics. The V3 update of the aircraft includes various performance updates and introduces additional features. Key improvements include updated visuals, and a completely overhauled flight model. First released at the height of the developer’s prolific release schedule three years back in January 2018, the aircraft sees a plethora of new features and variants being added which culminated into today’s V3 release.

The SF-25 Falke (also known as the Scheibe Falke), is a german glider developed by a company formerly known as Scheibe(now Scheibe Aircraft), and was intended as a touring motor glider. The Falke’s design is based upon the older Scheibe Bergfalke, allowing it to stay in the air for multiple hours without turning on the engine. The aircraft saw many improvements over many different versions. Improvements included various airframe related enhancements and stronger engines. The aircraft that VSkyLabs has developed (the SF-25C) features a lowered wing and a stronger, 60kW(80 BHP) engine compared to the SF-25A.

Countless hours went into faithfully improving various aspects of the aircraft, improvements include a brand new FMOD sound package, and added passenger visualization. The flight model is another area to have received a lot of attention, featuring a complete overhaul to achieve a better representation of the various in-flight characteristics of the aircraft. 

The full list of improvements can be found here:

Flight Dynamics:

  • Complete overhaul for the flight dynamics, engine and propeller physics.
  • Complete flight envelope validation to hit actual aircraft performance and handling qualities with the highest precision.

FMOD Sound package:

  • Brand new FMOD sound-package.
  • Multi-layer, interactive engine sounds which were sampled from real Limbach 2000 engine (interior/exterior).
  • Added Multi-layer dynamic sounds for wind and buffeting.

Cockpit Instrumentation (3D and engineering):

  • New altimeter with dual-setup scale.
  • New airspeed indicator (non-spiral-scale) for easy reading.
  • New turn and slip indicator.
  • New magnetic compass.
  • New vario-meter (total energy meter).
  • New GNS-530 device.
  • Tuneup for cockpit PBR and textures all-around.
  • Canopy textures rework, to include scratches.

AviTab compatibility:

  • Added built-in avitab compatibility with 3D removable tablet.

Passenger visualization:

  • Added passenger visualization. The passenger shows up when payload exceeds pilot+passenger weight (visible only in external view mode).
  • Various systems enhancements.


  • Tuneup for all VR manipulators, vrconfig file.
  • Detailed manual was added (pdf format).

The VSkyLabs Scheibe SF-25C Falke V3 is available for $25,00 on the X-plane.org store. Previous owners of the aircraft receive a free update which can be downloaded from their accounts.

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