Exclusive Update, The FlightFX Vision Jet

September 18, 2022

In an exclusive progress update, FlightFX has provided the following update to us here at threshold on the progress of their latest project, the stunning Vision jet.

Members of the FlightFX discord will have been kept in the loop with the development process in the form of photos through various stages but just today we spoke to Nick from FlightFX who gives us a more detailed look at what has been done so far, and what is still to go. 

“The product is currently about to go to Beta.  Right now we are cleaning and polishing a few things.  Once in Beta, we will give them a dedicated feedback form on what we are looking to have them concentrate on.  The Alpha team has been mostly concentrating on performance and handling as that group is aligned with some of our Owner/Operators.” 

Nick goes on to further expand; 

“Our Beta team will focus on the quality of life, visual modelling etc.  We expect them to break the aircraft.  Through each Beta round, we will connect and fix any remaining issues that we expect to roll out.”

Addressing FlightFX fan's eager enthusiasm and interest to know a release date, Nick has wisely said; “We have a launch date and price point known internally. We will make an announcement on those things once we are about halfway through the Beta process. We know people are excited and are very appreciative of the support. Just want to make sure we can clearly see the roadmap in front of us. Our policy has been to not state firm dates until the unknowns are off the table.”

Our thanks to Nick and the team at FlightFX. The Vision Jet is going to be fantastic no doubt and we will keep you all updated, here at Threshold. 

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