Fenix Simulations Details A320 EFB

October 8, 2021


Fenix Simulations has taken to their dev blog again today to share the latest of their development updates showcasing their upcoming Airbus A320. Today's update focussed on many highly requested areas, most importantly highlighting the efb that will be included with the aircraft. The efb will be the hub of all operations of the aircraft including both a takeoff and landing performance calculator, further SimBrief integration and charts (including Navigraph integration). Further details are yet to be shared on what other features the efb may bring to the aircraft.

The efb modelled in the aircraft takes a heavy influence from iPad OS, shipping with Apple’s iPad, featuring similar designs of the taskbar and home screen layout.

For those who are after that extra realism, yes your battery will run down if you don’t plug it into a charger.

“We’ve also accurately modelled the charge and discharge characteristics of a lithium-ion battery – so remember to keep your tablet plugged in and charging, or you’ll be without it!”

For those not yet convinced and are after that extra little sprinkle of customisation, you are freely able to change the background on the efb.

Following the efb update, today’s development update shifted focus to the wider aircraft, where a “sporty” RNP approach into Ponta Delgada was demonstrated, showing the aircraft’s flawless ability to fly such an approach completely unsupported.

Also demonstrated on the approach side of things was the aircraft perfectly executing an Enhanced Localiser Approach, allowing the aircraft to more seamlessly transition onto a runway localiser. 

Rounding off today’s smaller update was a mention of further visual model refinements. It was stated that the visual team is completing work on making aircraft normal maps of the highest quality possible. The normals have been tuned so that it is possible to see the “weathering and streaking over the fuselage deforming due to the airflow sweeping over the wings”.

That brings to a close today’s Fenix Sim development update, as always, you can find all the previews shared today in the full development update.

Keep up to date with all developments, and find Discord exclusive previews in the Fenix Sim Discord Server.

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