IVAO Previews New Flight Plan Tool

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Following IVAO's previous post showcasing their new Pilot and ATC Client, the team have now provided several screenshots and information regarding their new Flight Plan tool. The new software will occur on a web-based platform rather than inside the Pilot Client as currently implemented.

The new and improved Flight Plan tool will allow users to save, access, and use previously submitted flight plans. Moreover, users will be able to maintain an aircraft hangar and submit flight plans without a limit of characters.

Furthermore, a new section called "Upcoming Flight Plans" has been implemented, allowing users to file their flight plans in advance. The new section will show you the available flight plan as follows:

  • The flight plan highlighted with grey background are old non active flight plan.
  • The flight plan highlighted with green background are current active flight plan.
  • The flight plan with white background are future flight plan and currently not active (i.e. not yet filed).

Another new feature implemented is an "Archived Flight Plans" section. Users will be able to search and sort through archived flight plans and export archived flight plans, clone, file a new flight plan based on the selected one, or permanently delete the archived flight plan from the server.

Lastly, IVAO have also announced support for a Cockpit Sharing feature, allowing users to have a secondary observer connection. The new feature will be soon be incorporated into the Alpha Testing phase.

For more information, you can view the announcement post on the the virtual-sky website.

You can also view our previous report on IVAO's software upgrades.

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