Further Previews Emerge of iniSimulations A300

Monday, June 8, 2020

iniSimulations has taken to Facebook to show three new previews of their A300, as well as provide a brief status update on the project. Posted by in the iniBuilds Facebook group by Ubaid (CEO of iniBuilds), he says that the beta testing phase will soon be coming to a close.

In addition to a revised Fedex livery, a China Southern repaint was also debuted. More weathering/dirt is also visible on the wing textures this time around. In the last development update iniSimulations provided a detailed feature list of the aircraft, and also showed new previews of their Airbus A380 model.

Threshold will let you know of developments as they happen with iniSimulations. The original Facebook post is available within their private group, which can be joined here. Previous articles about their A300 can be read here.

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