iniSimulations Status Update: A300-600R(F) Systems Preview & A380 Modelling Progress

Monday, May 25, 2020

iniBuilds' in-house development team, iniSimulations, has addressed both of their ongoing aircraft for X-Plane 11 in a new blog post published today.

Following on from the previous development post published exactly one month ago, update 5 contains the first video footage of the A300-600R(F) publicly published, as well as a detailed 28-line feature list, plus an update on the long silent A380 project last discussed in passing regard in February 2020.

"As mentioned in Development Update #4, we are in the midst of our beta testing phase, and are happy to inform you that progress is going well with our testing team thoroughly testing the aircraft in all aspects", the developer said on the topic of the earliest Airbus.

"We do not have an expected date for when the beta phase will close and consequently we will not be releasing or rushing any aspect of the project; our aim is to provide the ultimate experience to you, the customer."

A video premiered on the company's YouTube channel also supplements today's post, detailing the flight management system, start preparations in a General Electric CF6-80C2A1-engined craft, as well as showcasing audio in the air conditioning system.

Additionally, the group provided a preliminary feature list to Threshold:

High Fidelity Systems

  • Detailed custom FMS designed to replicate an “On The Line” experience
  • Including but not limited to SID, STARS, SEC flight plan, custom VNAV and LNAV, altitude and speed constraints, holds and PBD waypoints support (place bearing distance)
  • Independent FMS (separate) with state of the art high definition pop-outs with high-resolution cockpit displays
  • Exceptional custom system rendition; including bespoke hydraulic, electrical, pressurisation, fuel operation including unique A300-600R trim tank functionality
  • Unique behavioural characteristics of the A300-600R simulated throughout each system for the most excellent immersive experience
  • Extensively tuned flight model to capture A300-600R characteristics including accurate performance; landing and takeoff behaviour with custom ground effect simulation
  • Custom taxiing behaviour following extensive consultation from empirical sources
  • Custom stalling behaviour including aerodynamic buffet
  • Accurate rendition of General Electric GE CF6-80C2A1 and Pratt & Whitney PW4000 variant engine behaviour
  • ACARS Wind Uplink

Accurate & Detailed Texturing/Modelling

  • 4K texturing in both the exterior and interior of the aircraft
  • PBR Effects
  • High-Resolution Cockpit displays
  • Accurate night lighting
  • Accurate rendition of General Electric GE CF6-80C2A1 and Pratt & Whitney PW4000 model
  • An excellent plethora of liveries by the iniBuilds Painting team available for free on day of release

Authentic Sounds

  • FMOD sounds with two unique sound sets for each engine type, accompanied with authentic sound recordings from the real aircraft
  • Audio dynamically balanced within a 3D environment, with location-dependent audio, as well as the inclusion of audio based on a variety of environmental conditions
  • All buttons, levers and switches have their own unique sound that varies each time during interaction.

Additional Features

  • Free iniSimulations A300-600R passenger expansion (coming soon)
  • iniGroundHandling Set for both A300 Freighter and Passenger Expansion
  • Feature-rich onboard Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  • Revolutionary performance calculator and data
  • Interactive loading area functionality
  • Built-in panel state capabilities
  • Comprehensive weather and terrain radars
  • Compatibility with BetterPushback plugin
  • Extensive user settings options

This list affirms that the A300 package will release as freighter-only to begin with, with the passenger expansion soon to follow. Also mentioned is a new "iniGroundHandling" feature, which lines up with the relevant section in the A300's EFB, previewed in the previous status update.

Moving on to the group's other X-Plane project, the Airbus A380, which has progressed significantly since the previews shown this time last year.

"We are pleased to inform you that in that time we have developed the unique technology to the A380; working on key systems, but we have also ensured our modelling is most accurate and to our highest standards."

It is "completely new to the version showcased back in April 2019."

The developer finishes the post by thanking customers for bearing with them as they endeavour to deliver the A380.

Like to learn more about iniBuilds and the A300-600R(F) specifically? Check out a recent interview with CEO MJ and developer Cameron on Threshold's Inflight podcast.

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