FlightFactor Releases FPDS Avionics (V2.3.6)

September 6, 2019

FlightFactor has released their Flat Panel Display System (FPDS) avionics for their Boeing 757 Professional.

Formally numbered version 2.3.6, the update contains changes to benefit all users, but also has the optional FPDS avionics available for an upgrade fee of U.S. $20.00 for existing users, or $92.00 for new users.

V2.3.6 contains the following changelog, in which all users can update through the X-Updater application:

  • Added FPDS Avionics (available as an extension)
  • Added EASTERN livery to In-Pack livery package
  • Made outside texture improvements
  • Improvements for 3d, antennas, winglets, beacons, pitots, RAT, etc
  • Updated all livery packages to fit improved 3d (requires re-downloading livery packages)
  • Fire test correction
  • Default VHF MIC buttons changed
  • Changed the brake hydraulic pressure logic
  • Removed PA from cargo
  • Fixed some brake related lamps logic
  • Fixed possible glitches in TERR/WXR images after consequent mode changing
  • Fixed look-ahead markers depiction in TERR
  • Fixed WXR strange patterned output in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with right VHF mic transmitter not working
  • Fixed some warning lamp colors
  • Fixed several button light
  • Fixed freighter wing lamp glass

Yesterday, we published an exclusive interview with the developer, which you can view here. They also explained why the upgrade is paid.

The discount code for both the FPDS and Extended upgrades can be found in users' existing Boeing 757 order. You must own either the standard or Extended package prior to purchasing the FPDS upgrade. Once purchased, the upgrade(s) can be downloaded by running X-Updater.

For additional information on upgrade options, see our news article from yesterday, which also contains a large portion of the interview.

Threshold Exclusive: FlightFactor 757 FPDS Releasing this Week + Developer Interview
Threshold Exclusive: FlightFactor 757 FPDS Releasing this Week + Developer Interview

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