Further Progress of Felis Planes 747-200

Keizo Ono
Thursday, October 3, 2019

Felis has released yet another development update for his 747-200 Classic. The cabin is now completed, and dirt, oil, and grime textures have been added in various areas around the fuselage. In two posts on X-Plane.org over the past two days, he's uploaded many new pictures of the 747 in both X-Plane and Blender.

The infamous 747 staircase

Felis says the aircraft's cabin is essentially completed, although the normal maps still need to be generated and added (which explains the textures appearance as somewhat "flat" in these pictures).

Economy Class in the Felis 747-200

The other half of the development update happens on the exterior of the aircraft, where Felis has added plenty of texturing, dirt and grime since the last development update. Upon posting screenshots of the exterior,"Let there be oil" he states.

Newly added dirt and grime surrounding the APU of the Felis 747-200 Classic

That concludes Felis Planes' latest development update, as always Threshold will be ready and waiting for the next one!

If you'd like to view the original post on X-Plane.org, click here. If you'd like to join Felis' Discord for more constant development updates, click here. To view the previous 747-200 development update, click here.

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