FSExpo 2023 Day 1 Summary

June 25, 2023
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FSExpo 2023 Day 1 Summary

Thrustmaster Reveals Viper Throttle Quadrant

Thrustmaster has announced their next product which is primarily aimed at fighter pilots. It is a 1:1 scale replica of the Viper TQS. It features ergonomic flight kinematics, mechanical levers and handle rotation, realistic landing gear, integrated backlit panel, iconic chaff/flare button, stores jettison button, amongst many other features. The product is officially licensed by the U.S Air Force. The Mission panel is detachable from the throttle and can be purchased seperately.

Influenced by the old Thrustmaster Cougar which was launched in 2010, Thrustmaster had received countless amounts of requests to relaunch an updated variation of the Cougar and thus the Thrustmaster Viper TQS was birthed.

“Experience unique ergonomics with 1:1 scale metal HOTAS US Air Force replica and extended flight & combat capabilities”.


  • Viper TQS Mission Pack  $529.99 
  • Viper TQS $349.99
  • Viper Panel $249.99

Pre-orders start August 23rd 2023

Commercial availability starts October 11th 2023

FastCow Productions Announces Cicaré 8 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FastCow Productions announced at FSExpo2023 the latest helicopter that they will be introducing to Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Cicaré 8.

The Cicaré 8 is an ultralight two-seater helicopter. It is known for its agility and is equipped with engines ranging from 135hp to 140hp, making it a highly maneuverable aircraft. The helicopter's cabin is constructed entirely from carbon fiber, providing a lightweight yet sturdy structure. The cockpit is designed as a lightweight cage-shaped semi-monocoque, capable of absorbing energy through deformation to ensure the protection of the crew. The Cicaré 8 is often used for training purposes and is popular among helicopter enthusiasts.

The helicopter is officially licenced by Cicaré and announced that they have also agreed to bring another Cicaré aircraft, the Cicaré SVH-4 helicopter trainer, to the simulator.The developers are aiming to create a highly realistic experience by incorporating accurate systems, an authentic flight model, custom sounds, and a detailed exterior model. They are also working on implementing a functional failure system to further enhance the simulation.

Currently there is no information regarding the release date and price however the trailer indicated that the Cicaré 8 will be coming soon to MSFS.

iniBuilds unveiled their highly anticipated "ultimate airliner experience" for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Introducing the Airbus A300-600 to the virtual skies. This meticulously crafted aircraft boasts stunning 4K and 8K PBR textures, realistic decals, and wear and tear effects. The interior is equally impressive, featuring a fully modeled cockpit, cargo compartment, and a wide range of cargo loads.

With a comprehensive systems simulation, ACARS/CPDLC simulation, Navigraph charts compatibility, and multiple liveries, the A300-600 promises an immersive experience. Future updates will bring the Primus Epic suite, while the initial release will offer freighter and passenger variants.

Please check out this article which provides a full breakdown on the announcement.

BeyondATC announced for MSFS

BeyondATC, a new traffic addon was announced for MSFS during FSExpo2023.

This new add-on is intended to replace the existing default MSFS traffic system. BeyondATC has promised to bring a realistic feel to ATC and allow users to feel immersed. This will include realistic AI voices meant to correctly use phraseology. BeyondATC will support multiple thirst-party AI traffic add-ons such as FS Traffic and FSLTL. The AI voices will have their own accents and dialects, no two voices will be identical. You will feel like you are flying in different parts of the world. The AI is so advanced that flight simmers will be able to communicate with the add-on via voice instead of text / commands. The AI ATC should become frustrated and audibly annoyed if the pilot requests incorrect things and will react exactly like ATC in real life.

Feature List:

  • FAA & ICAO Phraseology
  • 100 + Realistic Voices
  • Full Simbrief Integration
  • Dynamic SID & STAR Selection
  • IFR & VFR Support
  • Player & Traffic Interactions
  • AI Assisted Voice Recognition
  • Modern, Easy to use UI
  • Advanced Terrain Avoidance

There is no release information however it is planned to release at some stage this year however this is subject to change. No price was announced as of yet.

Allied Cockpit Equipment announces Boeing 737NG MIP Interface

Allied Cockpit Equipment announced at FSExpo2023 a product which could make home simulators a lot more affordable. The developers at ACE have designed a board, run by the Raspberry Pi via a plugin on the simulator. The Raspberry Pi handles all the logic. 

ACE have built in the backlight, dimmers, flood dimmers, dimmers for MIP annunciators along with plenty of other features.

The system is very easy to use. You load up X-Plane, switch on MIP interface, it registers with X-Plane, once that is complete you are allowed to configure the MIP interface through the Raspberry Pi through the integrated plugin.

Modules are purchased separately from Sismo Solutions. All the panels can be activated / deactivated depending on which ones you own. 

It is a cheaper, easier alternative to current alternatives on the market. It has no impact on the performance. Currently it is compatible with Level Up and Zibo’’s 737 and will soon be compatible with the PMDG 737 in MSFS and P3D.

Release TimeLines

  • MIP Master Interface Release October 15th 2023
  • CANbus Adapter Release  November 1st 2023
  • Dual Flaps Gauge Release November 15th 2023
  • HBP Gauge Release November 15th 2023

A2A Simulations Previews Highly Detailed Piper Comanche 250 for MSFS

A2A Simulations Previewed their Study-Level Piper Comanche 250 for MSFS. Scott Gentile, the owner of A2A Simulations, provided an in-depth interview with Two Tone Murphy during the convention, which was also published on their YouTube channel.

One of the key features highlighted is the engine's wear and tear, along with scheduled maintenance requirements. A2A Simulations aims to make each flight in the Comanche 250 feel unique, capturing the effects of aging on a general aviation piston aircraft. The interview also delves into engine physics, friction, temperature simulations of internal components, and other intricate details.

Scott Gentile further explains the "feel" of the aircraft's aerodynamics, particularly while flying over New England. The video demonstration smoothly transitions to the simulator, showcasing the accurate recreation of flying a light piston aircraft. The dynamic nature of flight is animated, illustrating the aircraft's response to choppy conditions. Moreover, the video emphasizes the impact of aerodynamic effects and fuel loads on the airframe, exemplified by the left wing's reaction to changes in airflow.

Be sure to check out this article for further information regarding the A2A Piper Comanche 250

A2A has a planned release for this July however this is of course subject to change.

Navigraph Implements Weather Layer Feature in Charts 8

Navigraph has introduced a new feature called Weather Layers to their Charts 8 application. This update enables users to access real-time weather information, including details such as precipitation, winds, turbulence, METARs (Meteorological Aerodrome Reports), cloud coverage, and more.

The addition of Weather Layers offers pilots a wide range of dynamic weather displays, providing comprehensive meteorological insights. These layers assist both visual flight rules (VFR) and instrument flight rules (IFR) simmers in flight planning and decision-making. The feature list includes various layers that contribute to an enhanced understanding of current weather conditions.

Plenty more information can be found in our detailed article regarding this new feature.

Honeycomb Announces Several Products at FSExpo2023

Honeycomb Aeronautical made significant announcements at FSExpo 2023, including the launch of the Honeycomb Delta Flight Displays, a configurable touchscreen display system for flight simulation. 

They also unveiled updated versions of their popular yoke controller, the Honeycomb Alpha Pro and Honeycomb Alpha Lite. Additionally, new accessories such as flap lever packages and USB hubs were introduced. The company experienced delays with the Charlie Rudder Pedals and put the Tango Foxtrot HOTAS on hold. 

On a positive note, the Honeycomb Lima Flight Chair is set to ship in October. Honeycomb also announced partnerships with Origin PC and the launch of the Flight Sim Academy, an educational STEM program. Overall, Honeycomb Aeronautical continues to innovate in the flight simulation industry.

A fully in depth article on the Honeycomb Announcements can be found here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Details Unveiled Among other Surprises

Microsoft's seminar at FSExpo 2024 was a thrilling event for flight simulation enthusiasts, as the company unveiled Flight Simulator 2024 along with a range of exciting updates. 

The seminar highlighted Microsoft's commitment to enhancing the simulator experience, focusing on simulation activities, core simulator technology, and the development of a comprehensive "Digital Twin" representation of the world. 

Flight Simulator 2024 brings numerous new features and improvements to the table, including advanced physics simulations, expanded aircraft systems, and a more immersive environment. Users can now enjoy highly requested features like seasons, real-time traffic, and dynamic elements, which greatly enhance the realism and overall user experience. 

Microsoft also surprised attendees with the announcement of free aircraft and detailed city updates. With their unwavering dedication to innovation and user satisfaction, Microsoft has set high expectations for the upcoming release of Flight Simulator 2024, promising to take flight simulation to unprecedented heights.

Please read the complete article here explaining each section in detail.

Credit to Drew Webb aka “Lizard Doggo” from our Discord who has provided us with first hand information from FSExpo2023.

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