FSimStudios and Canada4XPlane Share Previews of Kelowna International Airport (CYLW)

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

On the FSimStudios Facebook page, a post was shared containing previews of the first airport of three to come out of a partnership between FSimStudios and Canada4XPlane

FSimStudios recently announced a partnership with popular freeware and payware developer, Canada4XPlane. The three airports to be produced under the partnership are Kelowna, Edmonton and Vancouver Airports.

Previews were initially shared of Vancouver Airport when the collaboration was announced but today new previews have emerged of Kelowna.

Partnerships are not a new concept for FSimStudios, who previously has worked together with Windsock Simulations to release airports.

Kelowna International Airport is a Canadian Airport located roughly 10 minutes north of Kelowna, in British Columbia, Canada. The airport receives service from many large carriers including Air Canada, WestJet and Alaskan Airlines. It handles over 2 million passengers in 2018, a rise of almost 10% when compared with the previous year.

FSimStudios can be followed on Facebook here and Canada4XPlane can be followed on Twitter here.

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