FSimStudios Partners Up with Canada4XPlane to Bring Three Canadian Airports to X-Plane

May 21, 2020

Scenery developer FSimStudios has publicly announced a partnership with Canada4XPlane, in the interest of bringing some of their airports to X-Plane 11.

FSimStudios has previously teamed up with Windsock Simulations to bring products to X-Plane, though it appears the path the developer wants to take this time around is a little different, in the sense they won't actually distribute or release the products themselves.

"We are also excited to announce that we are working in collaboration with Canada4XPlane to bring our products to X-Plane," announced the developer.

"Kelowna, Edmonton and Vancouver are going to be released by Canada4XPlane as a collaboration with FSimStudios. It's important to note that this is not just a conversion of our P3D releases - The sceneries are being built from scratch for X-Plane 11, using our assets and models, and are being released by C4XP.

"Kelowna for XP11 is scheduled for release within the first week of June, followed by Edmonton and Vancouver."

Canada4XPlane are known for their Canadian airports, as their name suggests. Their products thus far include Hamilton International and others.

Hamilton was their latest release, which features more than sixty custom 3D models and custom autogate jetways.

The three products FSimStudios intend to bring to X-Plane are of course all located in Canada, thereby allowing Canada4XPlane to focus on their goal of orientating their business around said country.

FSimStudios can be followed on Facebook.

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