[Edited] Flightsim Development Group Releases Two Airports for X-Plane; Announces Two More

Sam Clark
Alex John
March 12, 2019

Flight Sim Development Group, FSDG, have signaled a new commitment to X-Plane with the release of two sceneries for Laminar's sim, as well as publishing the store pages of two more. The four new airports, Graz (LOWG), Adagir (GMAD), Dakar (GOBD) and Sharm El-Sheikh (HESH), show that their single X-Plane product, Keflavik, was not a one off, which opens the door for more ESP-platform conversions in the future.

The group have outsourced these scenery conversions to other X-Plane brands, with Stairport Sceneries working on one, Graz, with an unnamed group(s) working on the others.

Graz (LOWG)

The first scenery on the list is Graz Airport, located in southern Austria. The second biggest city in Austria first saw a rendition of it's airport in Flight Simulator X in early 2016, and has now been converted to X-Plane courtesy of Stairport Sceneries. Here's the feature list for LOWG:

You can purchase FSDG Graz (LOWG) for €19.99 from the FSDG Store.

Agadir (GMAD)

Also released is Agadir Al Massira Airport, located in Morocco. This scenery was initially released for Prepar3D and FSX in 2017. Here's the feature list:

You can purchase FSDG Agadir (GMAD) for €17.26 from the FSDG Store.

Dakar (GOBD) (Unreleased)

This airport is located in Senegal, in Africa. The airport was released to the ESP platform in 2018. Features list below:

The store page for this unreleased airport can be found here.

Sharm El-Sheikh (HESH) (Unreleased)

The final airport is Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, one of FSDG's most popular addons. Located in Egypt, the airport sees mostly seasonal charter flights from around the world.

The store page for this unreleased airport can be found here.

The released airports follow their announcement, seen here.

To see more from Flight Sim Development Group, check out their Facebook page.

EDIT 12/03/19 1855z: Added the two unreleased airports to this article.