FSDreamTeam Updates GSX Pro for MSFS

FSDreamTeam has recently updated GSX Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator, adding support for remote deicing, new menu colors, and several QoL improvements.

GSX Pro improves and expands the ground services with realistic pushback, catering, refueling, baggage loading, and marshaling, introducing unique features such as visible animated passengers, cargo loading, follow me cars, towbar pushback, de-icing, underground refueling, walk-in gates, VDGS docking systems, and more. 

The newest update adds support for remote deicing, allowing the user to call for deicing on remote pads like in real life. FSDT claims it’s just the first step of the update, with the upcoming one featuring editing of custom deicing areas. 

The deicing fluid simulation was also improved, with different colors per fluid type (one is yellow, two is clear, three is orange, and four is green) and varying saturation depending on concentration. 

GSX’s in-game menu was modified, featuring a new color scheme that better matches the sim’s default color palette, and new icons to help differentiate between runway starts and custom deicing areas. 

The update also added an option to ignore departure time when using SimBrief, internal support for the Aerosoft TwinOtter and PMDG DC-6, new safedock types, exclusion patterns to prevent jetways not being recognized correctly on some third-party airports using jetway links as simobjects, and more. The complete changelog follows down below:

January 21st, 2023 
GSX Pro NEW: Added support for REMOTE DEICING. Please check the manual to see how this feature works. This is only the 1st step of the update, with a subsequent one featuring updated editing features for custom Deicing areas to come out later.
GSX Pro Change: New color theme for the menu, with colors that should better integrate with non-default MSFS color themes, with a smaller font and several shortened texts, to take less space on screen without cutting out too much info. Some icons added in the menu entries, to better differentiate Runway Starts and Custom Deice areas.
GSX Pro Change: Changed Deicing fluid colors to be more realistic: Type 1 = Yellow, Type 2 = Clear, Type 3 = Orange, Type 4 = Green. Saturation will change depending on Concentration.
GSX Pro NEW: Added an option to Ignore the Departure time when using Simbrief.
GSX Pro NEW: Added internal support for Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter and PMDG DC-6.
GSX Pro Change: PMDG automatic door handler now uses SDK events instead of FMC keypresses, for better reliability.
GSX Pro NEW: Added new Safedock types, with just a screen, useful to replace a VGDS on a 3rd party scenery, without having to show the GSX casing too, which will help with performances.
GSX Pro NEW: Updated manual, covering the new Remote Deicing feature.
GSX Pro Change: Added some exclusion patterns to prevent Jetways not being recognized correctly on some 3rd party airports using jetway links as SimObjects ( Tailstrike Designs LKPR ).
GSX Pro Fix: Some VGDS didn’t initialized correctly at the gate when no Simbrief was used.
GSX Pro Fix: Custom height in Parking System editor didn’t update correctly when moving the object.
GSX Pro Change: Text messages now use a Queue system, so they won’t be missed if a new message come when the previous one was still displaying.
Zurich for MSFS:: Added support for GSX custom Deicing pads in the default FSDT profile, with working Visual Guidance system. Scenery updated to feature more detailed markings in the Deicing areas. Fixed parking 48, which was incorrectly labeled as 4B.

It’s available on FSDreamTeam’s website for $29.99, requiring at least 8 GB of free disk space to install.

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