Fenix Simulations Releases Major A320 Update

Fenix Simulations released a major update to their Airbus A320 add-on, which ensures compatibility with the newly released SU10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, along with several other fixes and improvements that were long wished for by the customer base.

Aamir Thacker, Fenix’s CEO, published an announcement on their Discord server where he describes the several things that were added and improved. A “too long, didn’t read” list with some of the most important changes can be found down below:

  • VNAV was rewritten to closely replicate the real-life behavior, meaning it will descend toward the upper end of the speed bracket rather than the bottom. 
  • Rotation and post-rotation have also seen changes, allowing for a more realistic feel, with data from their tech team and cross-checked with type-rated pilots and in the level-D simulator. 
  • Flap drag and lift improvements.
  • Rudders have been tweaked to make crosswind landings more satisfying and easier.
  • Ground effect changes to change how the aircraft feels on flare and landing.
  • EFB should now save the custom airframe options.
  • Virtual Reality-specific tablet.
  • Sounds were entirely reworked.
  • Aircraft Energy Management tweaked to better match real-life data.


Check out the full changelog here.

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