FSUIPC7: Free Until October & Compatible with MSFS

August 18, 2020

A free beta copy of FSUIPC version 7 has been released with compatibility for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The utility, which is extensively used in the ESP-platform world, usually retails for EUR 29.99.

According to the product description, FSUIPC provides an interface for other programs to read and write pertinent data relating to the simulation and in many ways even to control the actual process itself. A number of addons require it in order to properly function.

Version 7's free 'trial license' will last until the end of October 2020, with the developer citing the lack of a fully robust SDK as the reason behind making it free in the first two months of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

"We are initially releasing FSUIPC for MSFS as a beta due to the state of the MSFS SDK, and in particular that of the SimConnect API. There is still a lack of documentation on what is actually working in this SDK, especially in relation to key events/control, upon which FSUIPC heavily relies."

"There are several SimConnect updates planned in the months following the official MSFS release. We will continue to update and test FSUIPC7 as these updates are released."

The software now runs as independently from the simulator and is installed by simply creating a folder with the executable and license key (.key) files as well as the SimConnect.dll file, which is available by downloading the SDK.

Accessing the SDK can be done from Developer Mode in the "General" settings tab. See the video attached below for how to access Developer Mode.

Running FSUIPC7 will open it in the system tray and the Alt-F hotkey will bring up the main window.

For a full list of limitations, issues, missing features and use with WideFS7, see this forum post on simFlight.

You can download FSUIPC7 from the same page.

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