Felis Updates Tupolev Tu-154 for X-Plane 11 to Version 2.06

October 12, 2020

Aircraft developer Felis has released a significant update to his Tupolev Tu-154.

In this update, an assortment of fixes, additions and improvements have been made to better the aircraft, which has a US $5.00 discount as of time of writing.

The following is what has changed in this update, versioned 2.06.

  • Fixed gear animation during replay
  • Radio compatible with 8.33 kHz standard
  • Changed logic for toe brakes axis handling
  • Nosewheel can be controlled via nose tiller. set on GND panel
  • Added Better Pushback compatibility
  • Changed throttle threshold for "deploy landing gear" horn
  • Landing gear will be extended after crash
  • DH signal is now OFF, when radioaltimeter is OFF
  • RMI gauge needles will remain in last position, if ADF or NAV source is OFF
  • Courses on HSI are saved correctly between flights
  • Compass system latitude setting is now saves between flights
  • APU failures added to failures tab and can be fixed there
  • Engines will turn off, if no fuel boost above 9500m

The aircraft is available to purchase now for US $45.00 at the x-plane.org store.

Though Felis’ Tu-154 has been around for a few years now, many users know the developer by his work on a Boeing 747-200 for X-Plane 11.

Much of the work undertaken on the 747 recently has been systems-based, such as a fuel and load calculator and EFB.

Threshold will publish a summary of progress since our last publication of this aircraft soon.

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