G5 Avionics Released by Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation

January 5, 2020

Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation has released the G5 PFD/HSI avionics add-on. The G5 is inspired by the Garmin G5, and can run in different modes for your favorite aircraft.

The AFM G5 is an all-in one backup for the primary cockpit displays. “The G5 has 2 pilot selectable main page formats: a PFD page and a DG or HSI page,” wrote AFM through a blog post.

The AFM G5 makes flight information easier to digest so pilots can respond more quickly in every flight situation.

“It is a true to life simulation which may be ran in different modes for your favorite aircraft(s) in X-Plane.”

Highlighted Features:

  • Can be ran with any aircraft in pop-out mode, or in the 3D cockpit when an aircraft developer includes the option for it. 
  • The default X-Plane Cessna 172 is included with the G5 mod ready to fly
  • A great set of instruments to assist in your instrument scan and assist with safer flight
  • Exclusively interfaces with the RealSimGear desktop hardware (Not required but recommended)!

The G5 add-on is available for $24.95 at x-aviation here, and the RealSimGear G5 Bundle here.

Find more information about Advanced Flight Modelling on their website.

List of aircraft with the G5 integrated available here.

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