GloballArt Releases Vancouver (CYVR)

Friday, May 15, 2020

Brazilian scenery developer GloballArt has released their next airport today, with Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. This is the first we've heard of the developer's new project, with the developer having taken on Montreal and Toronto-Pearson Airports in the past.

According to the Facebook post that accompanied today's release, "Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) is located 12 km (7.5 mi) from Downtown Vancouver. It is the second busiest airport in Canada by aircraft movements (306,799) and passengers (25.9 million), behind Toronto Pearson International Airport."

Interestingly, the developer adds that Vancouver is one of the few major international airports to have a terminal for scheduled floatplane operations.

Here's the feature list for today's release:

  • Accurate replica of CYVR – Vancouver International Airport, updated for 2020.
  • Precise modeling based on original references, photos and others researchs.
  • Customized runways, lines and taxiways, with ambiente occlusion included in the textures.
  • Sun reflections effects on pavements.
  • Autogate with VGDS - by Marginal
  • Static objects, vehicles and aircraft are present in this scenery.
  • Avenues and streets with personalized and standard vehicle traffic.
  • HDR lighting with custom night textures.
  • Custom textures with ambient occlusion.
  • Animated ground traffic and default aircraft traffic.
  • Custom Approach Lights (ALS) systems.
  • Included taxi routes for aircraft, "taxi route"
  • Taxi routes configured to WT3 plugin.
  • Airliners configured Ramp Start.
  • De-Ice Signboard best configured to Zibo 738 (complete) an other aircrafts (Signboard). Uses Auto Gate plugin datarefs - by Marginal
  • Winter texture - only the Airport area.
  • Stop Bars lights.

You can purchase GloballArt's Vancouver Airport for $24.95 USD on the Store

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