GayaSimulation Release Courchevel

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Just two days after releasing their status update, and a short five days after announcing the airport GayaSimulations have released LFLJ Courchevel. Featuring hand sculpted mesh, ultra high definition textures around the airport as well as .5m/pixel for the entire included Ortho.  The airport was developed with the cooperation of the official airport to allow for a highly accurate and detailed rendition of the renowned airport.

Multiple details are featured including the road tunnel under the airport, numerous points of interest in the region and animated cars to bring the scenery “to life”

Static aircraft as well as PBR Runway textures , along with dynamic lighting and custom French Alps autogen add even more details.

As mentioned in their update the scenery is available exclusively through the OrbxDirect platform for 32.95 AUD 22.30 USD 20.38 EUD and 18.14 GBP


From Monroe to the World


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