Gaya Simulations Shares previews of Kos and Vienna in Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 22, 2020

Gaya Simulations has shared previews of their next set of airports to be coming to the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

The developer is well established in cross-platform developing for ESP and X-Plane and is now expanding operations into Microsoft Flight Simulator, like many developers in the industry.

The previews shared today are the first of Kos in the new simulator and the latest set of Vienna.

Gaya Simulation’s Kos for X-Plane and P3D was originally available free of charge in a “giveaway” hosted by the developer in late 2019. Since then, Kos has been available for purchase on Orbx, the platform where Gaya Simulations sells their products.

Alongside selling under their own brand on Orbx, Gaya Simulations previously made scenery under the Orbx brand, an example of these airports includes Orbx Edinburgh.

Kos and Vienna aren’t the developer’s first products to be available for the platform, Gaya recently released Zell am See for the new simulator. Gaya Simulations’ Zell am See airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for purchase for AUD$20.70 on Orbx Direct.

The full collection of screenshots published of Kos and Vienna can be found the Gaya Simulations Facebook page. 

Gaya Simulations’ range of products can be explored on their website.

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