Vast Status Update from GayaSimulation

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

GayaSimulation have featured in news reels frequently in the past week, first with news of their Courchevel scenery which is nearing release, as well as a new airport announcement: Vienna (LOWW). To top it off, they also formally debuted a partnership with Orbx in the past seven days.

Starting off with the French Alp-pair: Courchevel and Meribel. A flurry of previews of the former were made available on the Orbx Forum earlier today.

The altiport is famous for it's sloped runway, which is represented in the X-Plane version, alongside the following features:

  • Ultra-accurate and hand-sculpted mesh up to 0.5m (!) for the whole airport and the scenery coverage
  • Hand made Ultra HD textures for the airport area and 0.5m/pix for the entire satellite image coverage
  • Airport developed with close connection with the official Courchevel airport personnel with an outstanding level of detail and accuracy
  • Accurately positioned fences, terraces, vegetation, vehicles and much more
  • High quality textures (4k) for the entire airport building.
  • Accurate tunnel below the runway with custom animated vehicles driving through it , based on native X-Plane 11 mesh work.
  • Model and accurate placement of the full town of Courchevel which include dozens of POIs all around the mini region and the approach.
  • Many custom animated cars make it a living scenery include animated clock on the front of the main hangar of the airport
  • Ultra high quality and accurate PBR runway textures.
  • Very realistic and dynamic lights in the airport and over the towns in the region.
  • Custom French Alps autogen buildings populated the villages and towns in the region.
  • Accurate static aircraft
  • Well optimized scenery with great performance
  • Many custom modeled POI buildings in the airport precinct
  • Beautiful atmospheric villages, ski resorts and crystal blue lakes

It's sister alitport, Meribel, has also seen some progress behind the scenes recently, with the developer saying it is entering beta in the coming days.

Moving on to GayaSimulation's second commercial destination for X-Plane, Vienna, the team have set a release goal of November for both Prepar3D and Laminar's sim.

"Today we taking you to the core - the very foundation of scenery development: 3D work! The yet-to-be textured buildings are on the airside - they will all have an amazing level of texture detail and in-depth modelling accuracy.", says the developer in a separate post on Facebook.

In addition to the three sceneries already in the works, the developer has two more yet-to-be announced projects up their sleeve. There aren't many hints about these two, though one is entering beta for Prepar3D and X-Plane soon, and the other a more recent addition - it's ICAO code starts with 'L'.

You can see more on the GayaSimulation Facebook page.

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