GeoReality Releases First Global Forests Volume For Europe

November 4, 2019

A new developer under the name GeoReality has released their own forest replacement package, focusing not only on textures but placement using real-world data.

Global Forests installs trees in the world of X-Plane 11, using "never-before seen" technology. The developer explained on the product page: The entire planet is scanned and analysied to produce a vegetation map containing density, foliage details including specimen and height. This is then translated into X-Plane through Global Forests, using the data from the scan into the placement of vegetation in X-Plane.

The end result is gradual, natural looking vegetation placement that would blend well with orthoimgaery. Replacing all default and any other vegetation add-on previously installed, the product is independent with its own set of textures and tree classifications based on real-world data.

Their first volume contains data to cover Europe, whilst future iterations will expand to north aMERICA (United States and Canada) in the near future. Here are the features:

  • Accurate representation of the Global forest footprint in XPlane11, according to global data
  • More than 7,000 .for files, with unique combination of tree type, variation, density, and height, based on real-world data
  • Tree type and classifications according to global data
  • Tree height information has been analysed from global maps and infused into Global Forests
  • Complete set of textures to match all classes of global trees
  • Seamless integration with Ortho4XP, or any other package that includes satellite images
  • Seamless integration with default X-Plane11 terrain

macOS users will unfortunately have to sit out on this one for the time being, the product only supports Windows.

Purchase Global Forests [Vol.1 Europe] for $11 on PURCHASE

Special thanks to Hurri Cane on our Discord server for the tip!

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