Globall Art Previews Vancouver International V1.2

Monday, June 22, 2020

One month after the last update, Globall Art has released new previews on Facebook of an upcoming update to their Vancouver International Airport scenery for X-Plane. 

Vancouver International Airport is the biggest airport in the English Bay. Equipped with a large infrastructure, CYVR is now Canada’s busiest airport. The airport is well-known by aviation fanatics for its capacity to handle both wide-body airlines and small regional general aviation aircraft. 

Although the developer hasn’t communicated a release date yet, the progress seems quite advanced. The update focuses on enhancing the airport’s tower and on adding extra marks to the asphalt in front of the terminal. 

Here is the provisional changelog provided by the developer:

  • Rendered interior of the tower with animated radar and new antennas.
  • New marks for the asphalt and inserted plates and other objects in front of the terminal.

On the 22nd of May, Globall Art released an update to the scenery bringing a major improvement in performance. Check out our article about it. 

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