Globall Art Updates Vancouver International Airport to V1.1.

May 23, 2020

Globall Art has pushed out an update to their recently released Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) for X-Plane that brings a heavily-requested performance increase. 

Vancouver is a city located on Canada’s west coast, its main airport is Vancouver International Airport. Canada’s second busiest airport saw 26 million travellers pass through its gates in 2019. The airport has the special capacity of being able to handle both wide-body aircraft such as the A380 and seaplanes servicing the rest of British Columbia. 

Many users within the X-Plane community complained about the airport’s performance which they found unsatisfying. The developer put a large amount of work in optimizing the scenery in this update leading to a significant increase in FPS. The update also brings any fixes to bugs and errors in the scenery. Here is the changelog provided by the developer on Facebook:

  • Improved performance
  • Significant gain in FPS
  • Fixed elevation in the city of Vancouver
  • Removed excess grass
  • Removed excess trees
  • More accurate lighting at the terminals
  • Inserted animation for the solo service
  • Fedex plate inserted in the patio V building
  • Fixed height of trees
  • Static Seaplanes Inserted
  • Corrected routes for WT3
  • Corrected lighting on the posts
  • Fixed night texture on terminal windows and hangars

Globall Art Vancouver was released just 8 days ago, check out our article. It is available on the Store for $24.95.

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