[EDIT 2018z]: Worldwide Texture Replacement "Global Earth" Now Available

Sam Clark
Thursday, April 18, 2019

[EDIT 2018z]: The developer of Global Earth, Resentium, have issued a statement regarding adverse community reaction to the event via the Threshold Discord server. As such, we've added to the article as we see fit to align with the new information.

Shortly after the release of our article last night, the developer of Global Earth made himself known inside our public Discord server. This evening, he published a statement announcing a price decrease from the initial EUR 69.90 to EUR 40.86, among a raft of other planned changes to the product. All customers who have already purchased the product will receive partial compensation. The full message can be viewed below:

Hey. Today we had a bad day. First of all, we did not prepare normal screenshots of autogen and many did not understand how it differs from the default one. Secondly, due to the fact that we have little experience in the commercial sphere, we have chosen the wrong price to root.
We are very ashamed of what happened. We are sorry. We are already working on correcting the situation. And so about the current process of correcting the situation:
  • Within the next few hours price will be changed to $45.90. Users who purchased the product at the initial price will receive compensation in the amount of the difference between these amounts at the beginning of the next month.
  • We fix some small bugs that were accidentally missed in the release. Hotfix is already on our servers.
  • We creating videos with the product. There will be several videos with takeoff and landing in different locations of the planet, so that people can see the product in "live".
  • Creating more screenshots of autogen and others.
All this will take effect from tomorrow. We are really very ashamed of this release day, but we promise you that we will correct this situation and try to make sure that after using this product, users remain satisfied.


Original Article as of 17/04/19 at 1023z

A new product has appeared on simMarket courtesy of virgin developer Resentium. The addon claims to be "a new ear of reality in the simulator", and includes improvements in three different sections of the simulator.

First, the addon includes variable 'non-tile' texture replacements, replacing the default ground textures. Secondly, Global Earth includes improved autogen buildings, and lastly, the product improves upon X-Plane's default forest representation.

The feature list can be found below:

  • Highly detailed custom terrain textures whole the world
  • High resolution of all terrain textures whole the world
  • Highly detailed mountains area
  • Removed sharp transitions between different terrain textures
  • Work well with any mesh for x-plane 11
  • Improved autogen textures  
  • Improved facades textures  
  • Newton lightning from autogenes
  • Autogenic has realistic color shades
  • Partial application of PBR technology to autogen
  • Well visible from height the color of roofs
  • Work well with Ortho4XP
  • Realistic dense forest
  • Gorgeous trees color

It is important to note that Global Earth is not compatible with "season change programs", which likely means that Maxx-XP's TerraMAXX does not work with the new product.

You can purchase Resentium's Global Earth for EUR 69.90 (exc. VAT in the EU) from simMarket.

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