Gaya Simulations Previews the Abandoned Boeing 707 at Berlin Tegel

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Fans of Gaya Simulations should be well aware of one of the developer's current projects, Berlin Tegel, and today sees the recreation of an iconic piece of history.

The abandoned Boeing 707 has quite a bit of history behind it, as outlined by Gaya Simulations in a post today.

"Berlin -Tegel (EDDT) is full of history and is considered a very iconic airfield!" wrote Gaya to their Facebook page.

"We have gone the extra mile to capture its essence and all the little details that make this airport so special."

The 707 has been a resident at Tegel since the 1980s, and although it has been shuffled around the airport a few times, has never flown since. And it has an impressive history, as Gaya Simulations explains.

"This Boeing 707 parked at the airport, was originally owned by El-Al, was even hijacked and then operated by another airline called Arkia?

"Finally, after years of service, Boeing bought it back and gave it to West Berlin as part of the city’s 750th birthday celebrations.

"Lufthansa had bought its 200th Boeing plane at around that time so, as thank you, Boeing re-painted the Tegel 707 in Lufthansa’s 1960s livery.

"But as West Berlin airspace was still under Allied control in the 1980s, Lufthansa weren’t allowed to fly into Tegel.

"In fact, no German airline or even a German pilot could fly anything in West Berlin so the plane’s new colours were covered with white stickers and delivered by an American crew at night.

"By the morning, the stickers were pulled off and Tegel passengers were amazed to see a Lufthansa 707 sitting on the tarmac.

"It has been relocated several times during the 90s, but it's still there for anyone to see!"

Gaya's rendition was announced at the start of May, with a significant amount of progress having already been made on 3D buildings.

Unfortunately, it was recently announced the airport would be closing for two months starting in the middle of June, due to the collapse in passenger traffic resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

The airport has been set to close for years, but its replacement, Berlin Brandenburg, has been delayed for nearly a decade due to hundreds-of-thousands of faults that have prevented the airport from opening.

For more updates from Gaya Simulations, follow the team on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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