Gaya Simulations Announces 8 New Airports

November 14, 2020

Multi-platform developer Gaya Simulations has announced eight new airports to be released in the coming months. The news came via the group's long-touted roadmap announcement and includes projects from South America to Europe.

Firstly, a recap of their existing range was given, as well as a message from CEO Raz Goeta, who made it very clear that despite the fast rate of production, all of their new sceneries will maintain the same quality as their past work.

The new sceneries begin in Austria, where Sankt Johann Airport is set to become the group's third airport in the country in almost as many months. Following Vienna and Zell am See, LOIJ more closely resembles the latter, being a general aviation field only a few miles from LOWZ nestled amongst the mountains.

So far only Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshots have been shared from the scenery, though as with all of Gaya's products, it can be expected to come to Prepar3D and X-Plane at some point as well.

Next up comes Kristiansand, which was announced back in May this year. This airport is 'almost ready' according to the developer and expects customers to love the approach over the Norwegian fjords.

Switzerland is up next, with the already-teased Zurich Airport getting another feature - release is planned before Christmas 2020, though is currently only in render stage with in-sim shots expected soon.

Also in the country, Lugano Airport is the second Swiss airport in the roadmap and similarly, is also in render stage. Servicing general aviation and business jets, Lugano also sees a single airline flight from Czechia.

Moving north, Munich Airport joins Zurich as Gaya Simulations' second planned large hub and is again in the render stage. Only a single shot is available right now, just of the control tower - though the final product is promised to be the best available re-creation of Munich on the market.

London Stansted is next up, again in render stage. Not much information on this one, outside of a claim that all the terminals will have high-detail interiors.

Gaya Simulations' first jump to South America has been completed in this roadmap too, with Rio de Janeiro's Santos Dumont Airport set to be released in the coming months. According to market research conducted by the group, Brazil has a large simming community which has been largely untouched by developers such as them.

The first North American Gaya airport is set for a 2021 release as well, with Block Island State Airport located in Rhode Island. According to the developer, it's a "great place to start to explore the north-eastern part of the US."

Lastly, we'll also be getting a new package of Greek airports in the future too, with three packs of three airports each on three islands. "Greek Islands I, II and II" will see further information in the coming days via Facebook.

See the video on YouTube here.

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