Honeycomb Aeronautical Looking to Add Mouse Pad Mount to Bravo Throttle

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The hardware manufacturer Honeycomb Aeronautical has unveiled a new addition to their Bravo Throttle Quadrant, currently in development.

The developer said they had listened to users' concerns for the location of their computer mice, and have come up with a prototype to solve the issue: an optional mouse pad bracket attached to the base of the unit.

"We've read your concerns about where to put your mouse and have come with a solution that we would like your feedback on," said the developer on Facebook, stating in capital letters that this is a product concept.

"The images are just proof of concept and not a final design or materials. We'll make sure it's sturdy and doesn't bend. Let us know what you think and if this is a product we should proceed with.

"Our best guess is a $49.99 retail price depending on the tooling costs which might be high due to size.

"PS. We have other plans for the top of the Yoke/Throttle which is why we can't design a top-mounted mouse pad."

Honeycomb's throttle quadrant is to build on the success of their Alpha Flight Controls unit, and it is evident from today's post the team are willing to take in user feedback and output a better product.

A fortnight ago, a throttle pack for Airbus enthusiasts was unveiled. It is to contain the throttle controls for up to four engines with the autothrottle disconnect button, and the flap lever and spoilers lever.

The curtain hiding their next product was also opened not too long ago. Slated to be Charlie Rudder Pedals, Honeycomb was to announce the product at the now-cancelled FlightSimExpo 2020, and it seems likely more information about it will follow very soon.

For all the latest images and updates, follow the company on Facebook.

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