Orbx Releases Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator

November 19, 2021

Earlier this week, scenery developer Orbx released the newest product in its lineup - AS Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Orbx originally dropped the news on the 10th of this month, a little over a week ago, which promises to bring the region to life with high definition mesh from multiple sources with minimal impact on performance.

According to the developers, the “Himalaya Mesh has been carefully blended from 3 different sources resulting in a crisp 10m resolution to give [the users] a truly unique experience in the area”. 

Furthermore, the scenery is self-contained, meaning it does not modify any default files, and has been compiled to reduce LOD morphing. Such a design allows the users to explore the Himalayas, a mountain range known for “its characteristic features of soaring heights, alpine glaciers and jagged peaks”, without needing to worry that the new scenery will affect their performance. A full list of features can be found on Orbx’s webstore.

Currently, the mesh can be purchased on Orbx’s website for $12.99 AUD, or $9.44 USD. The developers recommend the users to have at least 20.33GB of storage in order to successfully install the mesh.

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