HoldMyBeer Developing Cessna Citation X

July 3, 2020

Aircraft developer HoldMyBeer has revealed that they are working on a Cessna Citation X, having posted screenshots to their Discord server over the past couple of days.

Quoting some of the messages mokny has written, the model X was chosen due to G1000s and G3000s being "very uncomfortable to use in the sim and they eat a lot of performance as well."

Asked the common question on whether the aircraft will receive GTN 750 support, mokny rejected the idea, stating that the Citation X has a "full featured FMS." He did not, however, comment on the depth of the FMS in his rendition, though analysis of the public mid-development images shows an FMS akin to the real deal.

The developer has previously worked on a Cirrus SR22 Turbo G6 which was released as freeware not too long ago. HoldMyBeer used this project to get to grips with aircraft development in X-Plane and decided against a payware release, and even requested users send their donations to a German children's hospice. To date, almost €2,500 has been raised.

Details on HoldMyBeer's release of the freeware SR22 is available to view here.

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