HoldMyBeer Releases Freeware SR22 Turbo G6

June 1, 2020


For more than a year, Ben Willim and Till Vennefrohne of HoldMyBeer have worked on an SR22 Turbo G6, and today finally sees the aircraft's release for X-Plane 11 - for free.

The Cirrus SR22 is a popular GA aircraft manufactured using composite materials, that has been in service for nearly two decades.

Well over six-thousand units have been produced to date and is equipped with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

According to the developer's website, "the SR22T simulation comes with a great 3D-Model, including outside elements like TANIS, GPU, Chocks, Covers and Tiedowns."

Features include:

  • Animated 3D-Model
  • Modeled exterior parts like Tiedowns, TANIS, GPU, Covers,....
  • Customized X-Plane G1000
  • EVS (Outside Camera)
  • Load Manager / Weight and Balance
  • Moving Airport Map (based on OSM)
  • AviTab integration
  • ASXP Integration
  • VATSIM / IVAO integration
  • Failures based on wear and tear
  • Birdstrike simulation
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom particle effects
  • ADSB Map
  • VSD Vertical Situation Display
  • Aerodrome Information System
  • Fully functional KeyPad to quickly enter / change the flightplan
  • Quick-Select for NAV / COM Freuqencies
  • Pilot health simulation
  • Digital Checklists in the G1000
  • Icing Simulation
  • Radio-Panel can control Windows-Media software like Spotify,...
  • VATSIM's xPilot integration on VU-Meter

Furthermore, all buttons and circuit breakers are clickable in the cockpit, with "superb lighting" to boot.

"We are collecting money for a german children hospice," the duo said regarding donations. "Every penny helps - Do not give your money to us, give it to these little children who really need attention!"

The aircraft is completely free of charge at the HoldMyBeer website.

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