HotStart TBM-900 Updated to Version 1.1.10

December 7, 2019

X-Aviation head Cameron Son took to the HotStart Discord server to announce the latest update to the brand's TBM-900, bringing it up to v1.1.10 with an array of improvements and fixes.

This update revolves predominantly around lighting, with readability being the key in this iteration of the aircraft. This extends to glass work and panel textures, in addition to reworked reflections on the PFD and MFD. Cabin lighting is now on by default, but can be changed with the "CABIN" switch.

Also getting a mention in the patch notes are improvements to the flight dynamics, with changes to the centre of gravity and airfoils making performance in both high-speed and stall scenarios much closer to the numbers listed in "the book".

The full feature list is available below:

Improvements / New Features

  • Lightened all panel textures.
  • Adjusted panel textures to make the panels more readable
  • New glass texture work for much nicer reflection effects
  • Added new glass reflections to PFDs & MFD screens
  • Implemented screen brightness automatic & manual control.
  • Use MENU key on PFD to control screen brightness.
  • Landing gear should cast shadows in interior views
  • Cabin lights default to on to allow controlling them via the CABIN switch.
  • Cabin light button state is persisted
  • Implemented nulling of VR yoke inputs after AP engagement
  • Reworked airfoils for more realistic flight-handling feel
  • Adjusted stalling performance to be much closer to book numbers
  • Adjusted high speed performance to be closer to the book numbers
  • Added default RealSimGear command mapping file to ship with the plane
  • Corrected CG offsets to be closer to the real plane
  • Re-worked portions of the Payload Manager to allow displaying CG and manipulating exterior elements even when an FSE flight is active
  • AP code was restoring CRS2 to CRS1 value on aircraft reload
  • Disable X-Plane's built-in random failures on load and restore the setting on exit. We have our own failure logic.
  • Panel rendering performance improvement
  • Added printable normal checklists in PDF format, courtesy of Grau Adler

Bug Fixes

  • Sidebar drawer towing function should work from inside the cockpit.
  • G1000 NG redline should be 104% not 102%.
  • VOR intercepts were broken in the previous beta.
  • Removed icing effect from engine inlet lip, as that part of the inlet is heated by an exhaust bleed.
  • Switching CDI from NAV ro GPS while LOC mode was armed would crash on an assertion failure
  • Fixed missing "vertical track" annunciation broken by X-Plane 11.35
  • De-pressurization with RAM AIR wasn't fast/responsive enough
  • SVS was missing ILS & RNAV approach pathways
  • under new XP11.40 FM the elevator & rudder trim didn't have enough authority
  • Modified engine simulation to allow for greater power range at high alt
  • Downloading US obstacle database was horribly slow, resulting in soft sim lockup
  • Avoid printing weights in the load manager as negative zero
  • Hovering pilot door glass fixed
  • Removed spurious debug message being emitted to Log.txt
  • Generator wear rate was excessive
  • Cabin thermal conductivity wasn't responding properly to fast flight.
  • Fuel automatic selector wasn't correctly switching when the fuel level sensors were broken
  • Pressing a service button in maintenance manager didn't update the window
  • IAS selector window should use a completely black background, not dark-grey-black
  • Tow clickspot on nosewheel can be clicked through the instrument panel
  • ADC-generated alerts weren't taking sensor inaccuracies into account
  • Generator switch dataref was misnamed in docs
  • Main door was snapping closed when battery was drained and added notification if battery is drained and user attempts to operate the main door
  • Outflow valve & safety valve bleed-through rates were too low, resulting in lack of depress when bleed was closed
  • Fixed race condition causing a crash in panel rendering
  • Fire extinguisher was protruding out of the fuselage a touch
  • Hot air rheostat dataref doc was incorrectly labeled as temp_sel
  • Default the rain effects to OFF on Mac
  • Radio altimeter window could flash occasionally due to race condition
  • Synthetic vision system could cause a crash due to erroneously trying to load pixel data from a buffer, instead of allocating a blank buffer
  • Low-signal VOR & NDB behavior was reworked to use normal distributions
  • Low-signal DME error is now physically based
  • Removed unnecessary error messages about X-Plane navdata format errors
  • Implemented duplicate navaid removal to work around inconsistent data between hand-placed localizers and AIRAC data
  • ADF bearings are now relative and take into account pitch & roll

To install the update, the developer says to re-download the installer package from your X-Aviation account. If you don't own the HotStart TBM-900, you can find it for $64.95 here.

You can join the HotStart Discord server here for additional information and support.

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