HotStart TBM-900 released

By: Sam Clark
October 20, 2018

The latest addition to X-Aviation's Take Command! series has been released. Developed by a consortium of big names such as Leading Edge Simulations' Goran Matovina and Totoritko, the TBM-900 is being hailed as the most in-depth simulation of a light-business prop to date.

Rain effects included with the TBM-900.

Progress on the TBM-900 has been heavily publiscised through the use of live-streaming developing sessions. This week, developer Totoritko has been using his daily live-streams to detail features of the aircraft such as rain and ice effects.

Key features of the HotStart TBM-900 include;

The TBM-900 by HotStart is available for $64.95 from X-Aviation. Cover image credit: Cessnarox Liveries.