HST Simulations Shares xAmbience Pro Development Update, Teases New Aircraft

March 23, 2021

HST Simulations has taken to their website blog to share the first in a new series of “Weekly Reports”. The weekly reports aim to cover all the progress from the developer over the past week, sharing all news from their full lineup of products. Weekly reports will now be released weekly, with full development updates still released on a monthly basis.


xAmbience Pro

The developer opened with an update on their upcoming weather engine. xAmbience Pro is a full re-write of the original version of xAmbience, featuring full volumetric clouds.

HST started out by saying they had made “tremendous progress” in work on xAmbience Pro. Completed tasks included a full rewrite of the cloud formations database, which can now simulate over 10,000 unique weather scenarios.

More news was shared on an early access programme for existing owners of xAmbience. The developer is opening up applications to join the early access programme to help shape the future of the xAmbience line. It was stressed that your license has to be already purchased before the start of applications (21/3/21). If you are eligible for the early access programme, the HST Simulations invites you to check out the application form.

Finishing off with news on xAmbience Pro, the developer gave a rough indication of a release timeframe for the product. It was indicated that the release could be seen as early as the next few weeks.


RealView Next

HST Simulations’ camera and headshake plugin, RealView Next, was the next item on this week’s update.

An update for RealView was said to be imminent, coming within the next few days. The update will bring the plugin up to V1.01 and adds a host of news features and improvements. Major new features include hints to aid in the manipulation of settings and smoother transitions between saved views.

The full changelog for V1.01 can be found below:

  • Added UI help tips for manipulators;
  • Added new smooth camera transitions (temporary fix);
  • Added diagnostics window;
  • Added new file config boot system (increase file loading in 5 times);
  • Added missing commands to commands processor;
  • Added test compatibility with TrackIR;
  • Fixed manual appearance position;
  • Fixed about window appearance position;
  • Fixed profiles selection issue;
  • Fixed sudden head turns of ground roll, heading, pitch banks on the ground;
  • Fixed profiles: Jet Airliner; Heavy Metal and Fighter;
  • Fixed sliders position "auto-null" when you change the effect state
  • Fixed issue with howtoinstall.txt in build;
  • Fixed auto turn off of X-Camera Mode when you change camera profile;
  • Fixed auto turn off of Preview Mode when you change camera profile;
  • Fixed ability to use 2D views;

HST Simulations’ Aircraft Teaser

To conclude their weekly developer update, the developer left people puzzled with a single teaser of an aircraft MCDU. The project is not yet announced although it has been speculated that the aircraft will be a Bombardier Challenger or similar.

Not many details were given thus far but some information was given:

“Our goal in aircraft development is to give you the entire aircraft as it is in real life. From visual sensation to systems. 

“Our aircraft will not have default FMS and systems - we are adherents of high-quality custom systems with full implementation - as it is. 

“Our aircraft will not have a default flight model - there will be a completely custom flight model with realistic behaviour in the atmosphere. 

“Our aircraft will have quality 3D Model which will give you full immersion of aircraft.”

As the aircraft is still unannounced, the developer invites users to join their Discord Server to keep up to date with the project.

The single teaser shared of HST Simulations’ upcoming aircraft.

The full Weekly Report can be read on HST Simulation’s Website.

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