HighSkyTech xAmbience: Further Info & Previews

Sam Clark
Saturday, January 5, 2019

Russian development group HighSkyTech have released further information regarding the xAmbience, a weather and seasons injector for X-Plane. We previously reported that the plugin was set to release on November 28th, however only hours after our article was published the developer retracted the claim.

In later posts, HST set a target for a late-December release, citing issues with clouds as the reason for delay. Since then, sporadic beta screenshots have been posted on their VK page.

The late-December release target has been pushed back to January, as earlier this week they provided the first major development update since before Christmas. In this post, they confirm a new release target of the second week of this month.

"This year, we finished the atmospheric engine xAmbience. The final works on seasonal textures are underway, on January 2nd we will return to work with the announcement of the seasons engine, the release of the stable version 1.0.0 is also planned for the second week of January 2019."

Along with the post on VK, HighSkyTech also unveiled the xAmbience website, which contains new previews, answers to frequently asked questions and the minimum system requirements for the plugin.

To find out more about xAmbience, check out the new website or the HighSkyTech page on VK.

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