Releasing Tomorrow: xAmbience, a Visual Environment Enhancement Plugin

Alex John
November 27, 2018

HighSkyTech, the developer of the Ultimate Water Enhancement plugin, will be releasing another addon tomorrow: xAmbience. The plugin changes cloud textures, an atmosphere rendering system with custom lighting, wave draw system and more.

Here are a selection of screenshots from their VK page:

A feature list for version 1.0.0:

• Cloud draw system with draw special conditions
• Cloud direct draw system
• 20+ forms with adaptive change system
• Cloud flow system
• In cloud effects (turbulence, shake, precip)
• Atmosphere rendering system with custom lightness model (direct, ambient).
• Atmosphere colors depends at real weather conditions.
• Calculative sky with custom logic depends at real weather situation, air density, temperature and e.t.c.
• Fog, mist, haze effect calculative and adjustable.
• Precip effects.
• Shadow draw system.
• No performance impacts, unlike other addons.
• 20+ custom skies
• Sky raleigh depends at weather conditions, clouds situation, altitude and more..
• Custom atmosphere rendering model.
• Custom lights draw system with XP11 lightness model.
• Lights can be flashed, have effects at haze, visibility aspects and more..
• Custom effects at rain, fog and e.t.c.
• Custom wave draw system
• Wave draw system depends at real weather situation, sky colors, precip, storms, and e.t.c
• Wave can be adjustable
• Custom sun glitter logic
• Fully wave rendering model, like as real
• Seasons system, change system depends at real weather situation, also, supports custom scenery.
• Custom rain puddles draw system
• Road textures in HD with snow, rain, and other effects
• Plugin configurator with more sliders, settings, presets, and adaptive presets load system.
• AdvaptiveSelect™ - You can setup preset system. For example, xAmbience will automatic apply first preset at night, but preset second at day

The plugin will cost $32.95.

No news of where the product will be sold, but stay tuned for noew news regarding this product.