HungaryVFR Makes Jump to Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 29, 2020

Formerly an X-Plane-exclusive addon, HungaryVFR has made the cross-platform leap to Microsoft Flight Simulator in the past weeks as the developer showed off progress via Facebook today.

Developer Gergely Debreceni noted in his post that 'some bridges were missing in Budapest', joking answering that his addon fixes that gap alongside a number of images to prove that.

The addon, which ironically maintained its X-Plane 11-esce logo, is pictured in action in the new simulator with the missing bridges added and meshing with the surrounding default cityscape.

It is unclear how many of the surrounding objects are custom versus default and whether more points of interest are to be added prior to release.

Threshold first covered HungaryVFR way back in March 2018, when its first public beta was released for X-Plane. The package was then composed of World2XPlane objects obtained from OpenStreetMap, though we do not know how the objects were ported to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

See the full post on Facebook.

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