iniBuilds Publishes Highly Awaited A300v2 Update

December 29, 2021

The development team at iniBuilds have officially shipped their highly desired v2 update for its A300 ON THE LINE aircraft for X-Plane 11. This update comprehensively overhauls all exterior and interior modeling alongside various system upgrades and tweaks to deliver feature parity with the team’s latest offerings on the A310 and A300 Beluga.

When the A300 was first released by iniBuilds back in August of 2020, it instantly became a staple of high-quality development in the community receiving praises from content creators and users alike on forums. After the team released the A310, the development team addressed comments entailing an upgrade to the A300, which brings us to version 2.

The background of the A300 roots back to 1974, when Airbus launched the aircraft for the first time. The first aircraft Airbus was met with some sluggish adoption but eventually dominated many European aerospace markets and competed with manufacturing giant Boeing and (then) McDonnell Douglas. About two decades later, the aircraft sees renewed interest in the freighter space, being very popular amongst cargo carriers with similar carrying capacity as the Boeing 767F variant.

For iniBuild’s A300 v2, the update brings a complete overhaul to the modeling of both exterior and interior, alongside new mapping and textures, many modeling and texturing techniques that are used for the A310 are being ported over, such as the GE engine textures and the redefined nose modeling. The systems of the A300 have also been significantly overhauled featuring new ECAM messages, alongside the ECAM, the fuel, electric, hydraulics, bleed and other systems have been revamped to suit the realism the A300 provides. The custom EFB has also received many additions including Avitab plugin integration. Takeoff/Landing calculations have also seen equal amounts of attention, with improvements in the EFB. The full changelog provided by iniBuilds CEO Ubaid Mussa, where he goes into more detail regarding the update - is a worthy read in a cafe on a rainy day.

Current owners of the A300v1 aircraft can receive this update for free via the iniStore or through updating the aircraft via iniManager. A310 owners receive a 25% off discount on the A300 (excluding any VATs). If you are interested in purchasing the A300, you can purchase it at the iniBuilds website for £69.99 GBP* (excluding any VATs).

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