iniBuilds Publishes A300 v2.02 Update

January 15, 2022

The development team over at iniBuilds have published out a minor update for their latest overhauled aircraft, the Airbus A300 ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11, bringing the aircraft version to v2.02.

The product recently received a major rejuvenation across the board with the highly awaited v2 update just recently, so today's offerings from iniBuilds bring minor changes and bug fixes, just a few weeks after the aforementioned overhaul. The aircraft’s release was met with high praise by content creators and users alike in the flight simulation community for its faithful systems, realistic flight dynamics, and 3D modeling.

This update contains mainly system fixes and minor upgrades. Quality of life improvements such such as the FCU, are no longer clipping with one another. The IRS ON BAT/Align bug has been fixed as well. Alongside these updates, the ECAM popout bug has been resolved, for those users that use popout windows. The HSI and course pointers has similarly been addressed. Improvements have been made to the FMS, including turning direction logic and FMS behavior at respecting altitude CST during turns. You can find the full changelog for this update below or on the iniBuilds Forums:

- Improved cabin passenger light panel clickspots

- Improved FO EFB Alignment

- IRS ON BAT/Align mode bug fixed

- FCU buttons should no longer clip

- ATC button hovering issue now fixed 

- VOR on PAX windows glass bug resolved

- Autosave on EFB clipping now fixed

- ECAM SD popout now fixed 

- HSI now fixed

- ILS Coursepointer in ARC mode fixed

- VOR manual mode now added

- Heading bug is not visible at night on nav display in rose mode resolved

- ILS course in ARC mode now adjustable

- Fuel page drawing bug on LBS corrected

- Improvement to turn direction logic in FMS

- Improvement to FMS behaviour on respecting altitude CST on given turns

- Engine fan blade issue now fixed

- Cargo containers bug on removal now fixed

You can receive the update for the A300v2 through the iniManager, the new in-house product manager for iniBuilds. If you are interested in picking up this aircraft for yourself, you can purchase it at the iniBuilds store for £69.99 GBP*. If you are also interested in checking out the rest of iniBuilds’ product repertoire, you can check them out on their website as well.

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