iniBuilds Releases Default 747 'Sound Enhancement Pack'

February 24, 2020

In the second piece of news out of iniBuilds this week, the team have briefly switched their sights to the payware market with the release of a self-published sound addon for Laminar Research's default 747-400.

Utilising the FMOD sound system, the enhancement pack is designed to model the sounds of General Electric's CF6, which prominently features as one of three engine choices for the 747SP, 747-100, 747-200B, 747-300 and the iconic 747-400.

The feature list, although short, covers all aspects of the sound pack:

  • Authentic representation of the General Electric CF6 engines for the 747-400, utilising sound cones inside FMOD to produce 360 degrees of varying audio
  • Dynamic cabin sounds
  • High quality, accurate recordings of switches, buttons and levers

A lengthy 10-minute video was released at the same time of the pack displaying what iniBuilds' latest creation is capable of. You can view that video below:

Previously this week, we learnt more about another CF6-powered airliner from iniBuilds' iniDEV group: the A300-600R(F) - although Airbus' aircraft uses a slightly different variant from the 747-400, we could see this sound pack being used in the 1970's widebody.

See the progress update from iniDEV in a previous article.

You can purchase iniBuilds' default 747 Sound Enhancement Pack for £9.99 from the group's store.

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