iniBuilds Publishes Second Development Update and Confirms Airbus A300-600R(F)

Alex John
Sunday, February 23, 2020

iniBuilds has published a second development update for the development of an upcoming aircraft for X-Plane 11.

Whilst Threshold confirmed with the developer in the first update that the aircraft in development is Roger39's from the forum, iniBuilds has publicly confirmed and announced the product will be named iniSimulations ON THE LINE A300-600R(F).

This aircraft is part of their ON THE LINE product range, aiming to provide the pilot in command an "ultimate day-to-day experience".

Writing on their website, iniBuilds stated: "We are pleased to officially announce, as some of you rightfully guessed, our upcoming product for X-Plane 11 will be the iniSimulations ON THE LINE A300-600R(F). The ON THE LINE product range exemplifies our vision in developing products within flight simulation. We want to provide you, the customer, the ultimate day-to-day experience “ON THE LINE” as the pilot in command would on your flights around the world!

"The iniBuilds Working Group, over the next few weeks will commence testing on a preliminary version of the aircraft and we hope to update you once this phase has been completed. In the mean time, we leave you with some in-sim images from the project!"

Furthermore, applications to their iniBuilds Working Group closed four days ago, and the remaining acceptances are being sent to applicants. iniBuilds confirmed applications will reopen again in the future.

Confirmed earlier this month, the Airbus A380 iniSimulations are also developing is still in progress.

iniBuilds are available to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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