iniSimulations Shares A300 BelugaST Trailer

March 1, 2021

After their monthly development update which was shared  just last week, the team at iniSimulations has taken to their YouTube channel to provide users with a surprise trailer for their A300 BelugaST.

If you weren’t aware, the Beluga recently entered beta testing according to the developer’s previous development update, and owners of the A300 are subject to a 25% discount upon release of the super transporter.

Shared in the trailer were a plethora of exciting features to bring the developer’s rendition of the aircraft into life in the simulator, this includes an overhauled navigation system, an integrated standby instrument system, a modern IDC radio tuning panel, and updated ecam pages. Brand new 4k textures for the interior and exterior have also been added.

However, iniBuilds have not forgotten about what makes the Beluga so iconic, and thus with the release of the aircraft have included a highly detailed cargo bay with an operable service panel. As well, custom loading options have been added, allowing users to carry various unique items, such as tails of aircraft, space parts, and more.

Lastly, more previews of Hawarden Airport (EGNR) were shown, an airport shipping with the Beluga, free for all customers.

No pricing information has been provided thus far, as well as no release date. However, we can expect the aircraft to release soon for X-Plane 11.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on any developments that arise on this aircraft and iniBuild’s future projects.

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