iniBuilds Announces Scenery Line & Shoreham Airfield (EGKA) for MSFS

September 25, 2020

iniBuilds has announced a new branch of their business, iniScene.

As its name implies, iniBuilds is now developing sceneries, starting with Shoreham General Aviation Airfield (EGKA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Announced to their public channels such as Facebook, iniBuilds shared three screenshots of EGKA with features to come further down the line before release.

“Excellent, hand-crafted sceneries coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

“Shoreham General Aviation Airfield (EGKA) coming soon with some amazing features in this wondrous new simulator!”

In the comments section of the Facebook post, iniBuilds staff member Ubaid Mussa replied to a user asking about what simulator iniScene will be a part of.

“We will be developing a range of products and supporting P3D, MFS and XP11,” he said.

Little other information was affixed to the announcement.

Earlier this month, aircraft development branch iniSimulations released version 1.04 of the A300-600R(F), which brought about a number of bug fixes to the aircraft.

For more from iniBuilds, follow the developer on Facebook and Twitter.

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