iniBuilds Launches iniManager: Their In-House Product Manager

December 4, 2021
David Vega
nobody, apparently.

iniBuilds has officially joined the ranks of Aerosoft and Orbx on providing their long awaited product manager, branded as the iniManager. In line with other programs like Orbx’s Central and Aerosoft One, the iniManager was developed to bring convenient automation through simplifying the process of installing, updating and removing products bought from the iniBuilds store. This eliminates the need for users to log into their accounts on a browser as the software handles installations and updates for their products.

Unveiled in August of this year, the development has been ongoing for the better half of this year with an initial slated rollout to follow shortly after the announcement, but has slipped to a November window, which the delay then culminated into a December launch. The program is advertised to allow its users to have their products available to them in as little as one click, with details regarding product versioning previous builds and all changelogs for the respective product.

There is also a system which automatically downloads and installs updates to currently installed products as soon as an update is published, requiring zero user intervention and eliminating the need to reactivate the product whenever an update is installed like before. All of this can be viewed either by vendor or on one page with all products the user currently owns listed.

The iniManager can be installed from the iniBuilds site. OS compatibility wise, the iniManager offers support for both Windows and macOS, covering all bases apart from the Linux operating system. 

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