iniBuilds Releases A310 MRTT Variant, Updates on Other Projects

August 27, 2021

After an extended period of post-release development, the iniBuilds team has finally released their hotly anticipated military variant into their A310 ON THE LINE lineup. A substantially different bird than the pax versions across many areas - the update remains completely free and existing A310 customers can download this from their store accounts. Their base A310 series is their latest and greatest, but the A310 Multi Role Tanker Transport adds to this with a bespoke experience that replicates closely to the real MRTT, simply said - its not just a cosmetic effort, but a comprehensive overhaul to reflect the real A310 MRTT.

The Medevac variant that would follow this MRTT release "is delayed until further notice" Ubaid briefly mentioned that it is nearly complete, although there still is some refinements and kinks to be fixed - which would cumulate to an end of the year release. Unlike this MRTT update, the Medevac is purely a visually based variant (and is the least popular variant of the A310 lineup)

All the features and improves that were applied to the A310 will come to inform the development of the next major iteration (V2) of their first product: the A300 ON THE LINE and their second product; the A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE. Major features involve a significant rework to the 3D modelling to incorporate the same level of detailing of the A310, and then some, the flight-modelling to use the Experimental Flight Model, new FMOD sound sets, and system simulation improvements. V2 would bring new features such as failures, and CPDLC/ACRAS Integration.

Curbing the pressing questions of the BelugaST that's been asked during the development period of the A310, (which the team doesn't get to answer yet as the features aren't finalised) Ubaid has announced that the product will include cargo components such as an A400M fuse cargo piece, new A320 front fuse cargo parts, chemical tank, a new helicopter, and the prop planes used in the Avalon Airshow - all of which as been transported on the A300 BelugaST before. Reflecting the new additions from the A310 is the incorporation of enhanced CPDLC operations. The team aims to have this update out shortly following the release of A300 V2:

Taking in customer feedback (and a page off of Orbx), the team now has a dedicated product management app dubbed "iniManager" which was in development for the past couple of months to cater for themselves and their developer partners:


Similar to OrbxCentral and the recently unveiled AerosoftOne, their version of the Product Manager enables users an "easy, one-click install and updating system." The application directly links in with their online store's API, letting the app automatically load in all of the user's product and preferences from the get go. In addition, users would be able to enjoy the high level of automation as the app updates your products when a new version is out. Currently in Alpha Testing, iniManager is designed to work with X-Plane & Microsoft Flight Simulator, no news on multi OS support.

unknown (1).png

To close off the announcement slash update post, Ubaid mentioned that the team is rapidly expanding and they are actively looking for new talent, if you're interested At the end, there was a brief mention that the aircraft development team is working on their 'secret project airliner'. As for iniScene, their scenery development branch, the team are working "very hard on a range of international airports". That's it for the update, Threshold will be sure to keep you in thee loop.

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